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Long ago, a well known guardian of the fae world fell in love with a woman from the real world. Each day, the guardian better known as the Page Master would open the veil and watch her in New York, fascinated with the woman. He passed through the veil many times to see her, each time taking the form of a human male assistant librarian by the name of Sterling Kincade. The woman's name was Rose O'Brien and she too also worked at the library, the head librarian of the establishment.

The two began a relationship and Sterling found himself spending more and more time within the real world, his entire form starting to take on more human-like feature compared to that in the fae world. He quickly fell in love with Rose, a emotion that he himself was forbidden to have in the real world. Like that of a child, the emotions and feelings completely took over the man, lost in it all.

After traveling back and forth to see her, the man was finally ready to tell Rose his secret, risking it all for the woman he loved. He returned to Fantasia Isle to let the other guardians know of his intentions and ready to lose his special powers and abilities, to spend the remainder of his days with Rose in New York as a mortal.

Passing through the veil one last time, Sterling made his way to the library to meet his love, reporting for his shift as well. As he rounded the corner of a book shelf, that was when his feet stopped in their tracks and his eyes widened. There, before him and the library customers as well stood Rose in the arms of another man. They were laughing together and hugging, Rose looking up adoringly at the stranger. Sterling watched from a distance as the mortal heart he barely had for an hour started to break, a sensation washing over him he had never experienced before back home; anger.

He asked no questions nor did he wish to talk to Rose after that, turning around on his heels and made his way back to where the last known location of the veil was to cross over. In the distance, he could hear Rose's voice, telling him to stop. Sterling kept going, now understanding why his kind was forbidden to love another and steer clear of the real world.

Deep within the park where he had crossed over, the man ducked his head and entered the hollowed out part of a large oak tree, soon finding his way through the veil and was once more into Fantasia Isle. His arrival was welcomed back of course, the others had already seen what was to come but the man had to learn on his own. Sterling decided that day that never more would he feel anything, anger filled his body and soon he became known as the Page Master throughout the lands.

Eventually that anger would turn to hatred for all, causing the veil to be closed off for no one to pass. Occasionally there are those that get stuck from the fae world to the real world, unable to return. Their memories are intact but how to get back to where they are from is the question. The Page Master still checks in on Rose from time to time, still working at the library in New York. Watching her only fuels his hate and anger for all.

Will they ever find their way home or able to cross back and forth between lands? The only thing that remains intact is their memories, the fae not forgetting who they are once entering the real world and vice versa for those entering the fae world. Traveling back and forth between places will not be easy, do you have what it takes to solve this mystery?
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